Mistake Network Marketers Make,

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elizar palad mlm tipsAs you know, Network Marketing is way better option compared to employment and traditional Business. The thing is, new distributors doing MLM today are doing mistakes that costs them their business.

Here’s one martin hd 28:

They CONVINCE instead of ATTRACT new distributors or customers.

Don’t tell them, “I know you would be good at this.”

They tell their prospect that this business is for them and that they will succeed at it.

Thing is, You don’t know if they can do it. Don’t drag people in just because you can. That is why you prospect. Although everyone can do this business but Not everyone is open minded about it.

Don’t act like you NEED them. They are looking for leaders, not needer’s and you should be doing the same.

The best thing that you can do is to Attract people who are like you, who are as excited as you are, who have the passion that you have.

If you convince them, they normally are people who don’t stay.

A man convinces against his will, remains unconvinced still.. one of the quote that stuck in my from Frog Fishing.


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