After June 30, What’s Next?.

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The buzz about the newly elected government officials who won on the May 13 National Elections may have paused for a while, but as they took their pledges in office on June 30, more questions and challenges were thrown by the public.

Now that they are already official in their positions, how promising can their speeches arrive to? How indomitable will they stick to their objectives? How truthful and upright can their actions be?

As citizens who voted for them amt pedals at guitar center, we expect for ripe and sweet fruits. We hope that they will be good and capable leaders who would structure themselves to work hands-on as a crew in this ship that is the Philippines that continues to sail during storms.

Candidly speaking, we may be pessimistic but we are still onlookers to straighter practices in the government and spectators of what would arise next.

After June 30, we look forward to a better society, a stronger economy, and a more secure country.

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