My “Tsk Tsk” Items.

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Almost everyday, we hear them on the news – current events in the nation that obliterates the pillars of our nation. There are some items that make my head shake in chagrin and in grimace make me mouth “tsk tsk”. They are as follows.

Immorality in the Media
Disturbingly, immorality is like a staple food that everyone eats. As people digest them in their system, they create such “getting used-to” thing that maim our people through the media that sadly uphold the concept.

Corruption in the Government
What other scams will be revealed among government bodies and their officials? Aren’t those trending news sickening to our anatomy that always wish for a righteous government?

Felony Among Civilians
Why do people appear to be happy seizing chances to destroy. Men kill their fellows; people do burglary and homicide; male obscenely rapes. Crime rates are never decreasing but are building up in numbers.

Greed in Business
The impoverished are obviously oppressed and the wealthy continue to profit from their malicious business conducts. There are many cheaters overnight printing company; they don’t get contented with the extravagance they hold in their hands and are therefore coveting for literally everything they can get.

Everyday with my recollection of things, one or two of these will visit my mind and I would sadly shake my head again.

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