False Alarm with Ex’s.

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Have you ever been into a relationship when you had to cut it for some reason yet the fact is that the feeling still envelops your entirety?

Yet even when the relationship was declared over, you keep on communicating with your ex and from there all the memories flash on your mind as you feed that supposed-to-be past attachment you had with him or her.

Oh, this is all so wrong. You only make yourself suffer. It’s as if you were in a cell and were already permitted to be free yet you choose to be imprisoned in your own terms.

Even worse is trombone at wwbw, because of that feeling that is still in your heart contrary to the agonizing decision you made, you still give your ex false alarm of probable chance of getting back together when you know fate already sealed your decision that it should be over.

Think again. You may only be getting harsh on your own emotions.

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