Pink and Her Music

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No doubt Pink is one true pop icon, distinctive from all others. With her hits that dominated the airwaves beginning early 2000 up to present, she represents the genre with her powerful vocals, captivating and evocative lyrics, and eerie yet creative fashion that made rise to various other artists who wanted to experiment.

Generally identified as half-lesbian or whatever because of her style, Pink is yet a figure neutral and attractive both to males and females who know how to really appreciate her music. She may not always have the chart-topping song but for sure her hits has impacted the listeners mainly because of its “fighter” messages, fronting the undeniably upbeat and moving rhtyhm of her music masterpieces. Pink embodies a woman who is brave and determined, as manifested in her songs’ lyrics. She possesses a character which is undefeated, something that rises amidst controversies and trials in life.

Pink, and her music really rocks and her image is one good model of a courageous spirit.

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