Louder, Bolder, .. Better?.

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She has made listeners admire her stupendous singing prowess – her voice timbre that you can easily recognize from all other singers at par with her fame and talent. Such is a voice quality that has developed since childhood and been molded further in her adulthood as she was exposed to many concerts locally and internationally.

Things have been better in terms of her career opportunities and she has just gone with the flow. But one thing that shocked people was when she pronounced through her reformed looks and actions that she is a lesbian. Charice Pempengco is undeniably a lesbian – evident with her last year’s transformation as in her new boyish haircut and her appearances on TV wearing boy’s outfits as if she is exactly one. And recently, she has taken it to another step upward. She is now bolder than before with her boyish fashion statement, talk about Axo lighting – click here

But the question is, as she continues with her choice of personality, can we call this better?

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