The Gwiyomi Craze and Others

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Last year there was Gangnam Style and early this year, there was Harlem Shake. These two are just few of those viral videos or either phenomenal hits that become widespread not only on the internet but among word of mouth, news, blogs, and live mimicing of several individuals.

They have been played, showed, or copied repetitively in the media like a contagious disease. Recently there was another K-Pop hit, “Gwiyomi”, which means a cute person, and it is a Korean craze believed to have been introduced first in SHowtime by Vice Ganda in the country.

AT present, Gwiyomi is being interpreted with video of celebrities and even ordinary people and these are uploaded in Youtube and posted in Facebook. Girls being mostly the fanatics and followers are the ones talking about it the most. With a slightly mellow yet groovy beat, plus the finger actions done by the interpreter, Gwiyomi is being liked by many.

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