Once A Cocker, Always a Cocker

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Cockfight as Filipinos know it is a popular game among men. Just like the other common sports that people cheer to as expression of their enjoyment while watching, in this blood sport between two roosters, men’s large, low voices are heard in cockpits, with shoutings and laughings both for regretful losses in bets and glad winnings in their voted gamecock.

Gamecocks are conditioned in preparation for the games. They are supposed to be agressive as they can be to fight the other cock and kill it with the metal spurs taped and tied to their legs, an enhancement of their ability to destroy the other cock. When this happens, the better cock wins and lives, while the other cock loses and dies, in worst case. Then the persons who raise the winning fighting cock takes pride with the power of his rooster and takes home the other cock which is part of the wages for winning.

And they say that because cockers enjoy it, once they do cockfights, they will be cockers all the while.

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