My Childhood Exercise.

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Our home is a kilometer away from our school and near to a hairpiece store. So when I was a child, because we did not have any service vehicle to transport us to school, we used to walk our then rugged roads everyday. For me it was okay as I had my cousins with me and we chatted all our way to the school, but, as time went by, my legs felt tired always.

Well they say it was olay as a form of exercise so this has become my real everyday exercise.

Carrying backpacks laden with textbooks and school items, we traverse the long straight road heading to the place where we get formal education. As a vigorous young kid, walking was just fine, like they said, as exercise.

With it, I developed muscles at the back of my leg and apparent veins in my feet, but I only realized I should have not done this daily exercise if I only had a better choice.

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