How to Have a Happy Family Day At Home

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Family days commonly done during weekends does not have to be done out of town or somewhere else especially when you only have a limited budget.

It can also be a happy quality family time even when you are at home.Here are some choices you can consider:

1. A Sportsfest
If you all play a particular game like basketball, you can have small teams of males and the cheerers can be the females. A nice way to sweat it on the morning while having heightened excitement with every movements on the court.

2. A Picnic / Foodtrip
Picnic is best in the countryside where you can all lay down under the sun, doing other stuffs that the whole family can enjoy. Surely, the bonding will be maximized as you enjoy the grass and the wind outside reminiscing about the early times of your family.

3. A Movie Marathon
If you prefer simply relaxing indoor, have some films to watch – stories that the whole family of all ages can relate to or appreciate, which will fire up some sharing about your insights tot he movie that was watched.

With any of these choices, you will surely have a happy family day without spending too much.

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