Deprivations of Wearing Braces

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Aside from the pain it brings to your entire mouth upon the first time it was worn to you, wearing braces will definitely deprive you of some food that you probably love eating.

Hard Food and Sticky Foods. These foods must be avoided because they can damage brackets, bend wires, and loosen the bands. And all these will result in pain. Some of these foods are corn on the cob, pizza crust,and hard candies. However should you wish to really nibble one, the best thing to do is cut them in small chunks.

Foods High In Sugar and Acid.¬†Sweets are not advisable because high sugar content produces acids that can permanently stain and damage your teeth. So your chocolates, sweet cakes, and candies are not good friends this time. Acidic foods include soda and lemon juices. But if you just can’t help eating, the best solution is to brush your teeth immediately and thoroughly after noshing them.

Yes for food lovers it may be hard, but sacrifice really counts to make your braces more successful.

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