A Stress-Free Life

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I say stress-free because this means not much hassles compared to the others. With this, all major stress-giving routines are already eliminated.

I rent a bed space just across the street where my workplace is located. You could imagine me walking just a few meters from my place to my work – no rush during the morning or evening compared to the hasty walks of the commuters who are quite worried that they may be late or who can’t wait to rest their feet at home which is seriously still around three rides or an hour or two. It is not just walking distance; it is short walking distance. A place that is just a stone’s throw away indeed gives me a stress-free feeling each day.

Aside from avoiding traffic or rushing to be on time for work, it is a plus that I do not have to wake up so early unlike others who live distant from their workplaces. I can just allot an hour for my preparation and that’s it. Of course there is also no problem if I wish to stay late in the office for I just live across the street.

Isn’t it a stress-free like absolutely?



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