When You’re Rushing.

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Everything in life is all about perception. Truth is only truth when we perceive it to be the truth. No matter how hard people may try to make us see the truth, if we do not believe it, then it is not the truth at all.

For example, when you’re trying the beat the clock on your way to the office, don’t you sometimes feel like the  world is moving much more slower than usual? You think that people ahead of you are walking extra slow  today, or that the traffic is so much heavier compared to other days, or that every things seems to be going against your wishes. The truth is, nothing is exceptionally different about today even famous cigars–it is just that you are in an agitated state so think and perceive things differently.

Our thoughts greatly affect our perception. So, be careful what you think about because your own thoughts might just make the fool out of you in the end.

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