Until I Arrive at the Pinnacle.

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I won’t stop dreaming. I won’t cease from trying. I won’t sacrifice my aspirations. No, I won’t just be satisfied with where I am right now because I believe in me. I believe in the things I am gifted with that I can use to my advantage. I have a number of potentials I can still maximize. I can achieve more than the current feathers on my cap. Yes, I will reach all of those in God’s time. Yes, there will be this point in time that I will arrive at the pinnacle of my deserved triumph.

I am not the type who will give up easily as I have been used to managing failures years back like when i am hunting for new used instruments at guitar center or any other music stores. Anyway, I use them as my practice exams until I get the licenses I anticipated with hard work and prayer. I am not the type who will use others so I can succeed. No. I will do it alone as much as possible because I want to prove myself to everyone I kow that I can be a name they can recall with awe, and a person they can look up to.

I am waiting for my time. In my not-so-wide lawn, I have been nursing the seeds of determination, courage, hardwork, and all those virtues. I water them everyday and talk to them. I know that they are going to bear fruits very soon.

I am going to persevere and persevere, until i arrive at the pinnacle of my long-awaited success.

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