The Burden of Being The Trusted One

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The trusted one– I believe I am that. People tend to be talkative around me, even about things that they ought to keep to themselves. I guess they have confidence on my skill of keeping secrets. I feel glad each time when people talk to me knowing that they couldn’t or won’t talk to others. However, now that I think about it, it can also be burdensome.

Having too many secrets to keep, I feel the weight of it weighing me down. I guess, sometimes I let it into me too much. It can be hard–what if I suddenly slip? What happens then? I think I have to much on my baggage–secrets, trusts, and all other things in between. The problem with me is that I never forget. I guess it’ll be better if I do forget everything afterwards.

Ah, I cannot decide if this is a blessing or a curse. Either way, I’m always willing to listen for more secrets. I guess, I love the burden because it makes me feel need…somewhat special.

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