The Buddies I Consider Gems.

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There were five of them in grade school, six of them in high school, and five in college.  These are my true precious friends.  These are my friends whom I played with, grew up with, and envisioned the future with, respectively.  There are also quite a few whom I can add on the list except my primary circle of friends and I remember one in elementary, two in high school, and four in college. 

These are my pals, as precious as PS978STSS, whom I turn to and tell my stories with no hesitation and with all vitality. Furthermore, I have three co-youth members in our church, and a cousin-confidante.  These are the ones closest to my heart up to now whom I communicate with regularly and whom I can always lean on to when I need them.  I also had four, each one in the four call centers I worked at – short-lived but real friends like they are my older sisters.  Of course, I have my three siblings too who are also my favorite chums and whom I make time with at least weekly. And at present, those who are my best buddies are my three officemates whom I live with each day in our workplace for more than two years. They know me very well, support me in my goals, and confront me when I’m wrong.

Counting them and thinking about how much value they have in me, makes me unbelieavably rich.

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