Overseas, What Have You Done: A Pessimist’s View

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Though some are already earning their target income monthly to sustain their family’s needs and wants, not all overseas workers are happy with their situation.

They may seem glad with their smiles but deep inside, sorrow lurks in their souls because of their daily struggles in a land where they are strangers and their difficulty in getting so distant from their families.

Yes there is money, and they serve adequately their roles as their families’ providers.  However, our overseas workers work so hard to earn that much just so they can send it home without the chance to enjoy the blessings in their presence.

Their battles happen everyday from the off independence they experience – no one to take heed of their needs from time to time, and no loyal confidant to talk to or defend them as the need seriously arises.

Life overseas may have its positive angles, but honestly, the negative things weigh even more.

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