How To Cope With A Mercurial Boss

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I’ve been with my boss for three years now. And I think that I made it happen. Even though she can be difficult to work with, I think that I was able to endure due to the fact that I learned how to handle her.

If you think you also have this kind of boss, read through the tips below to ensure a healthy working relationship with him or her:

1. Reason out with a mild voice – if you know that you have good points, with a humble tone.

2. Impress her with your timeliness and quality of outputs – something that will make her feel guilty of her attitude.

3. Remark her when she commends you among people – do this to appreciate her in public.

4. Joke back when she joins the fun – this means she can be cool, so go and joke around, just not offensive

I hope that with these tips, you’ll be able to have a good relationship with your boss. Happy working!


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