Famous People You Thought Were Real.

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With the ever advancing technology, it is becoming more and more difficult to distinguish real from what’s not. People, with the use of technology and computers, have created characters and have made us believe them true.

THE GORILLAZ. Well, a lot of people were fooled. Even fans were fooled. We thought these awesome characters were based on real people but to our surprise, they weren’t.

AIMI EGUCHI – A very lovely girl who debuted in the Japanese music industry as the latest member of the Japanese pop band AKB48. Well, surprise! She is computer-generated and her loveliness is a result of the combination of the finest assets of the other real members of the group = new prs se at musicians friend

UNCLE SAM – When you say Uncle Sam, people immediately think about America. Indeed, Uncle Sam has been a symbol for America but did you know that he doesn’t exist? Well, now you do. Congratulations!

There are a lot of other famous people who are the creations of our great minds. This list goes on and on.

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