Doggie Day Out Reminders.

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Are you planning of treating your dog a doggie day out? The way you treat yourself with the Squier Guitars at Musicians friend? Well, if you are, please do remember the following simple rules that might save you from embarassing and sometimes dangerous situations:

Do not let dogs out which are under 4 months. Most dogs which are under four months old still lack the inoculations that makes him safe to mingle with other dogs and other people, as well. Be sure that your dog has had all the necessary vaccine and medical shots before you let him out to the world.

Do not let your dog out if it is in heat. Animals are still animals and they react basing from instict. If your dog is in heat, she’ll most probably cause a ruckus among the male dogs in the park. She’ll attract them and they might fight among themselves.

So there you are. I hope that you’ll have a great experience with your dog outside!

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