Being Bad.

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I think that I am and will forever be someone who makes thing right, do things the way they ought to be. I guess, I may not be a sainte a but I try not to be a sinner who buys flat panel stand.


Well, this morning, I definitely wasn’t a saint and I didn’t even try to be. I did not pay my fare in the jeepney. The thing is, I was about to pay but I witnessed the driver’s rudeness and well, I decided not to pay in the end. I guess I thought of it like some kind of a karma for him. If this results to bad karma for me, then so be it. I really just want to do something bad to this man.


I guess I was feeling a little like Robin Hood. Anyway, what I did is still unacceptable no matter what my reason maybe. I hope I never have to be bad again in the future.


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