A “Nosebleeding” Microsoft Office Program

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Excel, that is.  The Office application Excel is a very useful tool that has the fundamental features of all spreadsheets, used for a variety of data manipulations. Not all users of this application actually know all of its functions.

Microsoft Excel is more than just the grid of cells where you input your data or an easy pattern in drawing tables or charts.  You can do more than the basic computations in this program but learning all the other formulas you need to familiarize with takes time and deeper analysis.  But for you to easily understand and make use of Excel to your advantage, you must know the logic of the formulas being used, the relationship of a worksheet to the other, and the sources of the data you will be using.  Though Excel also displays words, most inputs you will see are statistics.  If you’re actually not a numerical person, you may find this very complicated, and in this very sense, “nosebleeding”.

But these are the reasons why Excel, just like the other Microsoft Office applications is a wondrous work of  genius.

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