Why I Like Korean Food.

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People often ask me what it is with Korean food that I crave it so often. Well, here are some of my reasons:

Easy Preparation. Most Korean dishes require not much effort except in cutting and slicing. When already on the stoves, it only requires the right timing. Some dishes even require you to just let it boil.

Varied Tastes. When people think about Korean food and boomerang iii, they always think that all Korean food are spicy. But in truth, there are a lot of Korean dishes which are not spicy. They even have sweet noodles called jjajjangmyun. There is no denying however that their popular dishes remain to be the spicy ones.

Colorful Presentation. The Koreans believe that presentation is an important part of the dining experience. And they believe that food should be colorful to be healthy food.

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