I Gave My Heart Yesterday

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Yesterday is a not so special day for me. The thing is, I’m single, and as traditions go, Valentines Day is mostly for those who have found their respective partners. So, as a single person, it was just another ordinary day.

But it is not every day that your crush asks you out, right? So I was quite happy to be asked out today even if it was just for study reasons. So, yeah. My crush asks me out sometimes for us to study together (even when we don’t have similar classes).

My crush is a Korean and for Koreans, Valentines Day is a day for girls to give chocolate to their friends and loved ones. To keep the story short, I gave him chocolates yesterday. I don’t know and I don’t really how he’ll take it. I gave him my heart, that’s all that matters. I don’t wanna think about March 14 (White Day). Anyway, I think he took it only as a friendly gesture. That’s just fine. I wasn’t hoping for anything. I really just wanted to give him chocolates for being such a good friend.

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