Dressing Up a V-Shape

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Some ladies all the luck–they have curves to show off. And then again, some people really are genetically less fortunate than others. If you are a V-shape type of girl (one whose shoulders are broader than her hips and kind of thick-waisted), you are in for the hard life.

Yes, girls. Don’t blame it all on yourself, blame it on your parents as well! OK, I’m just kidding but your body shape really is really affected by your genes which you get from your parents.

Anyway, let’s stop thinking about who to blame. You are you’re body and all you have to do is just know how to deal with it. V-shape girls may be hard to dress up but it is not impossible. Just believe and follow these simple rules.

1. Give your lower have shape. You are already wider on the upper side of your body so you should make an effort to give the illusion of a wide lower body. Avoid straight shapred skirts and just go for flare to balance your body shape.

2. Yey for Collars! Collared jackets and those with modified collars are great for you because the lines the collars make help make the illusion of a lean and narrower upper body. Pair it up with pants or a flared skirt and you’re all set.

3. Accessorize the upper body. Long necklaces and blings that go unto the bust area works well with V-shaped bodies. They elongate your torso.

4. No to boats and squares. Boat necks and square necklines just accentuates your shoulders more. Maybe you should try wearing v-cuts and scoops.




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