At Cagayan Holiday And Leisure Resort

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For a period of four amazing days, I stayed at the Cagayan Holiday and Leisure Resort, formerly known as the Sun City. This is not your typical hotel, that I can assure. Though not the prettiest and grandest place I’ve stayed at, the Cagayan Holiday and Leisure Resort has its own magical charm.

I’ve been used to tall hotels, even when near bodies of water such as seas. Instead of the typical room accomodations, Cagayan Holiday and Leisure Resort offers lush villas for their guests. The room accomodation price can be as low as Php 6000 to as high as Php 22000, depending on which villa you wish to book. In my stay, I tried their fitness gym and sauna.

It is definitely not the best hotel in the country but it can suffice. One admirable fact about Cagayan Holiday and Leisure Resort is their use of solar panels to heat water for the villas. Also, you can ask for a golf cart to help you go from one destination to another inside the compound.

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