Health Benefits of Okra.

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Some kids love vegetables while most kids hate it. It’s not because of the vegetable’s taste but I think most kids don’t like it because vegetables tend to get slimy when overcooked. One of the vegetables my nieces and nephews don’t like to eat is okra (or gumbo as others prefer to call it). This green pod is also sometimes referred to as “lady finger” because of its shape. A good thing about okra is that it is one of the most nutritious green vegetable. In fact, some people might even say that it is one hell of a powerhouse.

A good source of fiber and vitamins. Okra is highly packed with vitamin A, a vitamin we need for good eyesight and it is also a good source of dietary fiber. A hundred grams of this vegetable only gives 30 calories–this is why it is highly suggested for those who which to control their calorie intake.
A good source of anti-oxidants. Okra is one of the green vegetables with the highest levels of anti-oxidant, essential for good vision and healthy skin.
A good source of minerals. Aside from fiber and vitamins, the pods are also good sources of different minerals essential in having a healthy body such as iron, magnesium, calcium and manganese.
To encourage kids to eat this very important food, always be sure to not overcook okra and develop creative ways to present the food to the kids.
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