Code-switching, It’s Not Cool.

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I was on my daily routine this morning: running late for work and just playing with my cellular phone, leisurely passing the time while window shopping along the road for medical equipment suppliers. After some time, two girls boarded the jeepney I was on and they caught my attention. The other girl asked the driver, “Excuse me po, Mr. Driver, dadaan po ba ito sa…” I don’t know but it just sounds so wrong. And it doesn’t sound close to the typical Taglish we hear everyday.

Because the Philippines is home to many native languages and dialects and recognizes two official languages, English and Filipino, it is no wonder that people nowadays tend to mix words from different languages to construct a sentence. For people learning a new language, this may be acceptable but to use such language by native speakers daily is an overkill.

Code-swithing far from cool. It’s not pretty, not even cute. It shows a weakness in language that we shouldn’t encourage.

Should I assume that straight English and Tagalog now only exists in papers?

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