At the Crossroads,

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Sometimes I feel embarrassed whenever it is mentioned that I do not know how to cross roads and scott kay cobalt. Of course, that is an exaggeration. As a 23-year old person who lived in Metro Manila for more than five years, I have learned to cross roads by force–it is a necessity in the urban scenario. So, I do know how to cross roads. It just takes me twice or thrice the time an average person crosses a road.

When it comes to matters of life and death (yes! I consider the matter of crossing roads to be in that category), I don’t decide or act haphazardly. In fact, I think that I am an epitome of patience. I either follow the traffic lights and signs strictly or, in the absence of such, I tend to wait until the coast is really, really, and I mean really clear before I cross. Call me paranoid or whatever, but I highly value my life. And, I don’t wanna rush to my end if you get what I mean. As they say, “safety first!”

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