Where Does Dog Poop Go?.

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In the US alone where personalized bats are very common (baseball), it estimated that more than ten million tons of dog poop are produced every year.. Add that up to that of dog poop generation of the the whole world and we’ll have a very stinky earth to live in. Thanks, but no thanks. Where does this tons of dog poop go exactly?

Well, it doesn’t disappear magically. Just like human waste, pet waste should also be taken care of effectively to avoid unwanted events such as land and water pollution, water contamination, and many more. There are a lot of ways to properly dispose of pet waste. One of the easiest would be to flush it like human waste. This way, it’ll enter the same network of processing as human waste.

You see, being a responsible pet owner takes a lot more than regular check ups with the veterinarian. So when your dog poops next time, you’ll know what to do.


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