A Restaurant Review: Daeyang Korean BBQ Resto.

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I guess I can say that I am one of those people affected by the so-called “Korean Wave” but instead of K-pop, I subscribe more to the appetizingly delicious and tasty Korean cuisine. And as a result, I’ve been trying every Korean restaurant around the Diliman area. From Kalayaan’s Woorijib, I’ve also eaten at Donday Restaurant in Malingap.

I’ve also eaten at SM North’s Seoul Garden just out of curiosity. To add to my Korean dining experience, I went right back to Kalayaan Avenue and ate at Daeyang. This particular restaurant also offers unlimited samgyupsal just like Donday except that it offees a much wider variety of meat. From the plain pork meat (Php300), they also offer marinated pork meat (Php399) and beef (Php499).

My friend who stayed in Korea for more than a year told me that out of all the restaurants that we ate at so far, Daeyang and Woorojib offers the most authentic Korean food. And I couldn’t agree more. However, on a side note, even if the food is great, we cannot help to notice the slow service of the staff. In my friend’s opinion from drug rehab treatment centers, they were a bit rude. If not for that fact, I would have given Daeyang a perfect review rating.

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