Watching HBO’s Girls.

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I woke up today with a glowing recommendation from a friend who’s really into television series and watching and doing photo jigsaw puzzle. Well, I trust his judgement so I guess if he’s recommending something to me with 5 stars, I’ll have to watch it. Right now, he’s been raving about this HBO series–Girls. According to him, (non-verbatim) this show is:

1. A Must-See for 20s People – The main characters are in their 20s, just out of college. It tackles about the different struggles of the 20s generation– unemployment, relationship issues, etc. I think, personally that this is about growing up and finally standing on your own. I guess it speaks to him because he’s still his parent’s scholar.

2. Sinister, Funny and Very Relatable – Though it tells about the problems of a 20s girl, I think that it can be very relatable to other generations, too because it tells about the issues of common people. Because the humor and issues tackled are for the more mature audience, I definitely recommend parental guidance for the younger audience.

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