Lying Everyday .

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I remember a time when I absolutely didn’t lie. The fact is, I didn’t have to lie because no one pressed me to lie, nobody cared about the details, I didn’t have anything to keep to myself, and I didn’t have to protect myself from anything. But, that’s all in the past. As you grow older you would want to take a look at pioneer mixers at Musicians Friend and you tend to develop and acquire certain aspects and facts about yourself and your life that you don’t want to share to anyone either to protect yourself or to protect others. And this is exactly what happened to me.

Now, it seems like I lie every day. And, I can’t help it anymore. The thing about lying is that, a lie must always be supported by another lie. Simply, a lie escalates to more lies. And I simply can’t come clean right now because I still have so much to protect. One good thing about lying is that it has always been the easiest way out of sticky situations for me.

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