Urban Zapaka: A Refreshing Brand of Korean Music.

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When people say Korean Music to me, what I instantly visualize is K-Pop idols— Psy, Big Bang, Super Junior, 2NE1, etc. or all those artists which sing, and dance. But just like any other country’s music, the mainstream artists (mostly in the pop genre) are just at the surface–they are the tip of the ice berg and most songs, sometimes even greater compared to the tip both in terms of quality and quantity, are left for us to discover. And this is exactly the case with Urban Zapaka and an affordable db shoes

Urban Zapaka is a Korean music group specializing but not limited to indie-jazz slash RNB. It is a mix of 3 females and 6 males. Though the group has been gaining appreciation and recognition, it has not yet entered mainstream. ¬†They’ve released their first album earlier this year. You can check out their awesome songs such as My Love and Cafe Latte. Once they enter mainstream, I hope that they don’t lose their identity.

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