Lemon Magic.

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For days, I’ve noticed a friend of mine, who has this exciting roland juno-gi from guitar center, was drinking water with slices of lemon in them. As a curious person, I asked him upfront why and he told me that it’s because he’s acidic. For a moment, I was confused because I always thought that lemon is acidic therefore, I assumed that it might just worsen his acid problems. But he told me that lemon juice, though acidic at first, becomes alkaline inside his body.

Upon internet research, I learned that yes, though lemon is acidic by itself, diluting it in lots of water makes it alkaline. And of course, alkaline in return subdues  or normalizes acid.

Aside from an acidic stomach, drinking lemon with water also solves other body problems. For example, lemon diluted in water and a little honey can eliminate halitosis or bad breath. It can also help people with flu and people suffering from hangover and migraines. People who wants to lose some weight also drink lemon with water in the morning.

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