Why I Can’t Be Angry For So Long.

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People say that you, of all people, should know yourself more than other people. In my case, I get shocked when people tell something about me that I didn’t realize before. And so, I decided to think deep and observe how I act, feel, and react to different kinds of situation. More recently, I found out that I can feel hurt for too long but can’t seem to be angry for so long. And then, I asked myself, “why?” Indeed, what is going on inside of my head that makes anger banish so quick?

This question just lead to another fact– that I don’t like to hurt. You see, as much as I tend to hurt for so long, I also don’t like the feeling. And, being angry for me is a double-edged sword in that it hurts me too when I’m angry. And so, I tend to pacify my anger very quickly because I feel uncomfortable inside. And, I don’t know how to act afterwards.

Also I can’t wait for October 16.. that’s the start of the Handog sale on Yupango.. I wonder if Bach trumpets are also on sale? I know ill be buying for myself a Yamaha electric guitar..the cheapest one 😉

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