The Three Elements of Human Trafficking

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All over the world, there is rampant trafficking and for all the weird reasons. Though most victims of human trafficking are women and children, men are not immune as they can also be victims except that the purpose varies.

United Nations defines human trafficking as “a crime against humanity.”  Indeed, it is. Furthermore, human trafficking is defined as the “act of recruiting, transporting, transfering, harbouring or receiving a person through a use of force, coercion or other means, for the purpose of exploiting them.” And with this, we get the three elements of Human Trafficking.

1. ACT – There is an act of recruitment on the part of the human trafficker.

2. MEANS – They can recruit deceptively or not– the victim can know the purpose of not; he may be willing or not.

3. EXPLOITATION – This is the most important element. With just the two elements, the case will be considered an illegal recruitment but with exploitation, everything is considered to be human trafficking. Exploitation involves sexual purposes, forced labor, organ harvesting, etc.


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