SM Baguio’s Tree Cutting Issue .

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On a daily basis, SM Baguio City brings about/attracts people from different points of Baguio and other neighboring municipalities.

In relation to people, it also attracts a lot of vehicles smoking la flor dominicana. After this realization that there is a need to decongest the area, the SM Administration started to cut down trees to may way for a parking lot. But due to the public clamor initiated by new media advocates using Facebook and twitter among other, the local government of Baguio City stepped in and stopped the cutting. However, at a later note, the local government allowed SM’s activities again in the condition that SM shall plant 50,000 instead of 5,000 trees in a span of three years.

Even with this generous condition which SM vows to fulfill, a critical thinker would and should ask if this is the only condition stated in the agreement. You see, it is easy enough to plant trees but to ensure that these plants do grow to replace that we cut off need a lot more than digging up the ground and shoving a tree into a hole. It requires dedication and supervision. So, even with 50,000 trees planted, what is the percentage of their survival?

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