Opening the Ex-Files.

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In the course of your lifetime, there will always be questions of what-ifs and what-could-have-beens. And most probably, majority of these questions are more of heart-related issues rather than mind-related. Indeed, there are heart matters that we simply cannot forget–maybe because we felt like its still open-ended or maybe, we still have feelings for the other person. And, we come to the question of whether we should rekindle an old flame.

Well, truthfully, there is nothing wrong with going out with your ex, its like learning the process of rfid blocking. But you should just be cautious when entering into a relationship with him or her again. And also, it is important to refrain from past faults or else you’ll just end up hurting each other.

If you’re going back with your ex, it is important that you become clear on why you are getting back together. Also, it is important to leave the ugly things behind. It’s probably best to learn from your past mistakes and apply your learnings to your newly established relationship. Leave the ugly things behind and apply the positive things.

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