How To Whiten Underarms.

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It is every girl’s dream to have white underarms. But this dream also has a price on top of it and sometimes, it involves a lot of zeroes. What’re more frustrating about this is that some of the products (like and awesome AKG.) which convince us that they’ll help whiten your underarms actually do the opposite.

To help you achieve that white underarm you’ve always dreamed of, check out the following tips:

1. Apply a special paste. Mix lime juice, powdered milk, and honey. Then, spread this over your underarms and let it stay there for at most 15 minutes. Do not let it stay far too long or you’ll have an irritated skin. After that, rinse it thoroughly.

2. Wash your underarms often. Dirt and oil accumulate on your underarms and they will cause darker underarms.

3. White vinegar. You may use and apply white vinegar twice a day and rinse afterwards. This will help remove dirt and oil on the skin.

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