Sometimes, I Like Having No Religion

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Having no religions has its good sides as well as its bad sides. More than anything else, sometimes it feels kind of lonely when you don’t subscribe to a particular religion. Simply because of the fact that you don’t have a community to belong to. You see, one thing that religions can offer for sure is the sense of belongingness, the camaraderie and all the other social aspects of religion.

However, still there are times when I am thankful that I have no religion. Just think about it– you don’t have people shoving their beliefs at you. You are free from the shackles of religion, its rules and regulations and rituals and such. Free as a bird to do what you please.

Having no religion? That’s fine by me– I’ve unsubscribed for more than three years now. Every now and then, I miss the social aspects of religion but hey, having no religion permits me to attend wherever, whatever and whenever. Freedom is sweet.

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