Rain, Rain… Go Away .

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They say that the rain may be God’s blessing because honestly, without rain, it would be impossible for vegetation to proliferate. Frankly, I just wish for the rain to stop pouring down already. Metro Manila has had enough water for its vegetation, if you ask. In fact, I think too much water would be the death of Manila’s vegetation, as well as its resident humans.

It has now come to a point where the rain has transformed from blessing to a curse. It’s like the one that handles all hard stuff, the producer software. It is true what they say—that too much of something is always bad for you. The rain has to stop now. It has to or we’re all doomed. I’m one of the few who are fortunate enough to be un-affected by the floods and yet I still suffer indirectly. It’s a good thing that before the floods blocked almost every passage, I was able to stock food supplies. If not, I don’t know what would have become of me now.

Please, Lord God. The rain has to stop.

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