High-carb Diet tied to Breast Cancer.

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A European study about appliance repair parts and other things which was recently conducted has found a possible connection between high-carb diet and risks of breast cancer. According to the study, older women who eat sweet and starchy carbohydrates have higher risks of acquiring the less common but potentially deadlier form of breast cancer. Although the study did not prove that sweets, white bread and french fries contribute to breast cancer, it was hinted.

It was also found out that diets with a high glycemic load are associated with a bigger secretion of insulin. High levels of insulin have always been linked to certain types of cancer because insulin helps the proliferation of tumors. Insulin, is a type of hormone that regulate the body’s blood sugar level. It can also be found in foods high in carbohydrates.

Although the connection is only hinted, it is always safe to be cautious. For those who have a high-carb diet, especially those whose daily meals include rice, it is important to find alternative foods.

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