Selecting Commercial Roofing

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Companies have a plethora of options when it they are selecting for roof materials for their offices. Aside from the budget for the construction, another important consideration is the weather condition where the office is located.

Below are two of their options:

1. Tile Roofing – These are usually made from clay but current technologies have produced tiles manufactured from concrete and rubber. Clay appears to be pricier that concrete tiles, but there is not much different between the two options when it comes to durability and aesthetics. Tiled commercial roofing can last up to 50 years, but these are not recommended for small structures, given its heavy weight.

2. Slate Shingles – Warning: These are fragile and requires annuity payments, heavier and harder to install. When installed properly, however, they can possibly last over a hundred years. They are effective beautifiers of buildings with their vivid colors, but this may cost companies dearly.

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