There’s No Good in Goodbye –

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You might have heard people saying over and over again that goodbye is tragic, breeches. It is something that should not happen since it can really break hearts and lose spirits. Thus, a lot of people wonder why byes always have to start with good; when clearly it isn’t.

Well, should it really end sad? There are certain goodbyes that are for the better. Some of them will open doors to reality. Some would end up with more realizations in life because they lost someone. Some tend to become more open to possibilities just because they have let go of something! This is why goodbyes are not always bad. Sometimes, people have to learn to appreciate that it also has a good part. Some people have to realize that at the end of the day, the goodbyes don’t matter but what comes next after it has knocked people’s door. Well, are you ready for it?

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