Reasons Behind Poor Obama Approval Rate-

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It is because of their motor home repairs business sideline! You didn’t know that did you?

Seriously, Due to the struggling economy of US these days, President Obama approval rate has dropped to 43%. This is his all- time lowest rating since he stepped up on the position. There are a lot of factors that affected his continuous decrease in terms of approval rating. Even both parties (Republican and Democrat) along with independent politicians also have poor ratings given to President Obama.

One of the biggest reasons why this is happening is the struggling economy of US up to these days. Since it has reached recession last year, it has not yet recovered to the degree that it was expected to be. Though the economy is getting better, it is still quite lower than what it should attain as of this month.
Since the recession started, there has been a continuous drop in his ratings. The only time when it increased was when Bin Laden was reported dead last May. Since then, his ratings are going down the rocks.
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