Nurses Working For Free?-

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Just recently, a news story fired off in Philippine television and not about bonsai for the home.. the news is telling that more than 100 hospitals in the country are utilizing services of Filipino nurses for free. Well, for the NARS, an organization of Philippine nurses, this act is certainly unjust for the nurses.

We cannot blame this organization telling their complaints on the current system that uses the nurses without payment. They have a point reacting on such bad system in some hospitals today. Personally, I think it is a strategy of the hospitals to just get volunteer nurses instead of hiring some addition to their staff. It is a strategy of these hospitals to use these nurses for free to cut down their expenses, which is definitely unfair for the professionals.

Think about it, some graduates of other courses, or even the non graduates, are being paid working mineon jobs (something like that) versus that of the case of the volunteer nurses today. How bad.

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