The Preliminary Hearing Case of Michael Jackson-

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Boy is he in trouble now.. i mean corsets-wearing trouble!

Year 2009 sinced Pop Icon Michael was died. And if we remembered that his personal Doctor was the one who charged for allegedly killing the Pop Icon due to overdose of sedatives.

Doctor Conrad Murray
has suspended his license because of the tragedy. Last Tuesday January 18, 2011 at the Los Angeles Superior Court, Conrad appear and formally notified of the said charges. As of the Court, Conrad will be possible for four years in jail and of course may lose his license permanently as a Doctor. With regards of the preliminary hearing, according to some of the witnesses, Conrad delayed calling the Rescue 911 during the drug was administered and he didn’t know how to do the Resuscitation, which should be all doctors should be well know.

All of the families of the Pop Icon was attended the hearing and still supporting Michael Jackson.

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