Teenagers at their Paradoxical Stage-

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Adolescence is a stage in one’s life when numerous changes are observable. As if in a wink, the little boy or girl that you used to be is no longer little and probably taking up ephedrine diet pills if they’re fat. Many times you have to struggle to fit yourself into your clothes; they have become either too short or too tight.

At times, you do not feel like reciting in class for fear that your voice may crack. But physical changes are only some of the exiting facets of growing up.

There is much to say more about the adolescent stage. Typically, adolescents lack self confidence in carrying out big responsibilities. Often they turn away from accepting their fault, but they also want to prove that they can be trusted. They are weak when it comes to emotional aspect, that is why they are easily linked and hooked with their opposite sex. Courtship, dating and going out with some one are not alien to them.

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