Hail to the Black Nazarene!-

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Last January 9, 2010 the statue of the Black Nazarene was paraded through the streets of downtown Manila. From Quirino grandstand back to Quiapo, Manila, Philippines the statue bore and cross the way together with thousands of its Filipino devotees for its annual feast.

black nazarene

The projects and show of today should have disability insurance. There are many individuals who are getting hurt during the parade.

A huge number of believers paraded and took more than fourteen hours neglecting the heat and rain. Some of them were barefooted while conceding the life-size image of a mulatto Christ in a frantic revelation of faith.
Many took part in the yearly feast to plead God for help in solving money related problems, family conflicts or some business issues. Some came to ask to be healed form sickness, but of course many of them came to thank the Black Nazarene for blessings they received.

Black Nazarene, known to its devotees as Nuestro Padre Jesus Nazareno de Quiapo in English translation “Our Father Jesus Nazarene of Quiapo”, is a life-sized, Black-coloured, curved in Mexicowooden sculpture of Jesus Christ, held to be miraculous by many Filipino devotees. The Nazarene is presently preserved and protected in the Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene in Quiapo, Manila, Philippines.

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